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Video: Body transformation in just a couple months

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This is an old video but I just stumbled across it. It's a testament to the power of determination. This guy Chris Krueger obviously had a really nice body at some point before his injury, and he wanted to get it back. In 70 days he lost a boatload of weight and looked fantastic. When I moved to Los Angeles I inadvertently lost almost 20 pounds in eight months by simply eating more healthily (not trying to lose weight, just trying to eat more healthy) and exercising more.

All of that takes determination. I hear people who say they can't lose the weight they want. If that's you, you can! Can everyone get that currently deemed-perfect 6-pack? No. But everyone can get more fit if they can muster the will-power. For some inspiration as to the power of the human will, check out the guy's body transformation video...