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Openly gay David Testo elected to U.S. Soccer Athlete Council

Openly gay professional soccer player David Testo has been elected by his peers to one of 18 open positions on the U.S. Soccer Athlete Council. Testo is the first publicly out man to serve on the council; He has been elected to a two-year term.

His election is a testament to where the world of sports is in regards to homophobia. Testo told Outsports previously that one of his main objectives if elected would be to help end homophobia in soccer.

According to the U.S. Soccer Communications Center, the Council's role is to:

  • BROADEN COMMUNICATION on Athlete issues between U.S. Soccer (its Councils and the Secretariat) and its Athletes and Players
  • EDUCATE and INFORM other Athletes on issues facing U.S. Soccer, Athletes and Players
  • ADVOCATE the interests of Athletes and Players at all levels, as well as for the sport of soccer and the Federation as a whole
  • PROTECT the interests of Athletes and Players at all levels and provide an active voice for their interest, including the right of Athletes to compete on U.S. National Teams, FIFA and USOC Events and the right of players to participate in programs at U.S. Soccer
  • ADDRESS issues that concern the development and performance of players who are eligible to compete for U.S. National Teams
  • REPRESENT the interests of the entire pool of U.S. Soccer Athletes in U.S. Soccer governance

The full list of athletes elected to the council is:

Jeff Agoos
Stuart Holden
Angela Hucles
Will John
Cobi Jones
Kristine Lilly
Kate Markgraf
Jon McCullough
Heather Mitts
Siri Mullinix
John O'Brien
Cindy Parlow Cone
Christie Rampone
Claudio Reyna
Tiffany Roberts Sahaydak
Danielle Slaton
Jonathan Spector
David Testo