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Is Madonna "bringing gay to the Super Bowl"?

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Madonna is the halftime entertainment for this year's Super Bowl. According to the gossip page of the New York Daily News:

MADONNA is “bringing gay to the Super Bowl.” That’s what we overheard one of her dancers say at the premiere party for Her Madgesty’s “W.E.” at Top of the Standard on Monday night. On the red carpet, Madonna told us she’s “extremely nervous” about the big game, but looking forward to singing her new song, “Give Me All Your Love,” and some “oldies but goodies.”

One commenter on Deadspin quipped: "It's already a bunch of sweaty guys grabbing and jumping each other. Not to mention the grabbing of a ball from between another man's legs. It can't get any more gay."

Given the collective national freakout of Janet Jackson's nipple, I imagine the NFL will go over Madonna's act with a microscope. Even then, I'm not sure what "bringing the gay" means in this case. Feel free to speculate.