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New England Patriot Brandon Spikes would scream if a gay man were in his bathtub

New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes made a strange gay joke on Twitter yesterday. Spikes doesn't have much past with the issue, so it came out of nowhere. And just hours before National Coming Out Day, it was a little off-color for him to be making the joke. Still, he tweeted:

On one hand, it's strange he'd compare gays to spiders. Though, spiders are everywhere and they can be creepy or really cool -- so maybe the comparison isn't so far off!

On the other hand, he's clearly trying to make a joke. And I actually laughed when I got to the punchline. The image of Spikes standing over his bathtub with Lance Bass waiting naked under a bath of bubbles is pretty funny. Plus, any guy who would wear the pink suit in the photo above has to get some benefit of the doubt.

I also had one similar sentiment I had when Yunel Escobar put "maricon" on his eye black: How stupid can you be? Why on earth would a professional athlete, with all that's happened over the last 18 months, say something that could be interpreted by some as homophobic? I mean, the first line of his tweet is, "I'm homophobic." Dumbass!!

He did have these tweets a couple hours after his first tweet:

Titanic? Pink suit? Is Spikes trying to tell us something?

I'm curious to see how the Patriots handle this. Plus, how will Spikes react to the media today? A full mea culpa? An explanation? Steve Buckley told me he's headed to Foxboro to see what Spikes has to say. Think he'll scream if a gay man is at his locker?

Update: Unfortunately, the Patriots did not make Spikes available to the media today. Seems like kind of a cop-out.

Hat tip to Steve Buckley.

Photo: Michael Hickey-US PRESSWIRE