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Baltimore Raven Matt Birk stars in anti-marriage video for Catholic Church

Baltimore Ravens center Matt Birk wrote an op-ed against same-sex marriage in Minnesota this week, and now he's appearing in an online video explaining more of why he believes same-sex couples do not deserve equal rights. In the video he says he can stomach higher taxes and removing God from schools, but same-sex marriage goes way too far. He also explains why same-sex marriage is so damaging to children. Interestingly, the church disabled ratings on the YouTube video.

Birk was last year's NFL Man of the Year for his work with charities. His work to improving literacy should be lauded for sure. I'm just not sure the League's reigning "Man of the Year" should be advocating for discrimination.

As for his connection to Minnesota, where he's doing this campaigning, he grew up there and played for the Minnesota Vikings for many years. Interestingly, he went to Harvard.

For more information on the marriage fight this November in four states, visit The Four 2012.

Hat tip to Towleroad.