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The 20 most-read stories on Outsports in 2012 feature out athletes, Olympics... and hot men

Robert Griffin III talked about a former gay teammate

Last week we brought you a list of some of the biggest LGBT sports stories of 2012. While some of them are represented on today's New Year's Eve list, these were the 20 most-read stories of 2012 on Outsports. The Summer Olympics, coming out stories, and photos of hot men were well-represented...

20) A dozen NFL players tell Outsports they would support a gay teammate

19) Olympics: The best bromance photos of the London 2012 Games

18) Did Yunel Escobar previously write “no penis” or “WTF” on his eye black?

17) College football player Jamie Kuntz kicked off his team for kissing his boyfriend

Warwick rowing

16) Warwick Rowing’s ‘Brokeback Boathouse’ video raises money for anti-bullying

15) Nude pictures of LSU’s ‘Honey Badger,’ Tyrann Mathieu show up on Internet

14) Brad Pitt does not play gay Billy Bean in “Moneyball,” he plays straight Billy Beane

13) The desperate consequence of casual words

12) Nude Blacks rugby players bare all in New Zealand

11) 28 current gay-supportive NFL players

10) U.S. women’s soccer star and Olympian Megan Rapinoe appears to come out as lesbian

9) Olympics photos: Meet the U.S. men’s gymnastics team

Josh Dixon

8) Josh Dixon comes out as gay, aims for spot on Olympic gymnastics team

7) New NFL uniforms offer more revealing look at players’ fronts and behinds

6) Wade Davis talks for the first time about being gay in the NFL, working with LGBTQ youth

5) Is Tim Tebow gay?

4) Olympic photos: Package deal — it’s all about what’s seen in the uniform

James Magnussen, swimming

3) London 2012: The 30 best male bodies of the Olympics

2) 23 open gay and lesbian athletes at 2012 London Summer Olympics

And the most-read story on in 2012...

1) Jason Alexander offers the greatest apology in history for 'gay cricket' joke