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Olivier Giroud and Mathieu Debuchy share French kiss on the soccer field

When he scored a goal against Germany in an international friendly on Wednesday, Frenchman Olivier Giroud grabbed teammate Mathieu Debuchy and thanked him for the assist with a big, wet kiss on the mouth (video below). Giroud was asked about it after the game, telling Le Parisien (and I'm sorry for the rough translation): "No, I was simply thanking him. ... Don't read into it."

The kiss is particularly fun because of Debuchy's reaction. Debuchy goes in for the hug, but Giroud pushes his hands away and grabs the back of his head. Debuchy seems almost shocked when Giroud pulls him in and plants a kiss on him, quickly pulling away. As he turns to share the moment with his teammates rushing over to celebrate, Debuchy is not smiling (odd just seconds after a goal).

Hat tip to Andrew E.