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Jonathan Vilma, accused of bounty on Brett Favre, tweets 'yuck' about man crush

I'm so glad the New Orleans Saints are being ripped apart for putting bounties on the heads of their opponents. And I'm glad for two reasons. First, the act is the most despicable in all of football: Trying to injure other athletes. In a dangerous sport like football, where paralysis and long-term effects can occur, there is no place for paying players to injure other players.

But I'm also thrilled that Jonathan Vilma is being singled out for an alleged $10k bounty on the head of Brett Favre in the 2009 NFC Championship game. From SBNation:

"In the week of the NFC Championship Game," Schefter said on NFL Live Friday, "Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma put $10,000 in cash on a table and said 'this goes to the guy that knocks out Brett Favre.'" Those weren't Vilma's exact words, but they were similar, according to Schefter, and he's sure to be atop the league's target list for impending discipline. It's worth nothing that Vilma is due $5.4 million in 2012 and has been discussed as a possible salary cap casualty. We wouldn't expect him back with the Saints.

When Vilma tweeted in December that men should not 'hav female tendencies' [sic], the Saints were completely unhelpful in getting through the linebacker's thick skull about his own deep-seated homophobia. Saints spokesperson Greg Bensel shrugged his proverbial shoulders and told me at the time that Vilma said it wasn't homophobic, so there was nothing he could do.

Now that Vilma has encountered a pretty nasty reaction for his alleged $10k bounty on the head of Brett Favre in the 2009 NFC Championship game, Vilma has resorted again to his own deep-seated homophobia:

Really? A grown man has to say a crush on a guy is "ewwwww" and "yuck"? Man, this guy is a real jerk. So glad he's about to get fried by the NFL. Eight-game suspension? Season-long suspension? How much does it cost to put $10k in cash on a table and ask your teammates to injure the opposing QB? We're about to find out...