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Oakland A's pitcher Brandon McCarthy takes stronger stand for gays, against homophobia

Oakland A's pitcher Brandon McCarthy has expounded on his stance against homophobia. He previously tweeted about seeing the Kiss Cam mock gay people. San Francisco Chronicle columnist Gwen Knapp covered his latest comments with a great column:

"There's that stupid, little comedic value of it if you don't really think about what it implies," he said Tuesday. "It kind of got old on that level. Then I actually started thinking about why we were supposed to be laughing, and it bugged me." ...

The homophobic laughter, however, pushed him to say something. McCarthy said he received a lot of appreciative feedback via Twitter. No one from MLB, he said, has made a remark on the tweet.

"If there are gay people who are coming to a game and seeing something like that, you can't assume they're comfortable with it," he said. "If you're even making a small group of people ... feel like outcasts, then you're going against what makes your model successful."

McCarthy is making it very easy to cheer for the A's this year! This kid represents the future (and in many respects the present) of how athletes view gay people and homophobia. Keep tweeting, Brandon!!

Interesting that no one from MLB has said anything about it. Interesting, but not surprising.