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The sports world reacts to Barack Obama's marriage support and North Carolina vote

Political news of the last 48 hours, from the vote to ban same-sex marriage in North Carolina to President Barack Obama's vocal support of same-sex marriage, has crept into the sports world with athletes and sportswriters weighing in. While it's great to see all the love, in addition to the great support of two Houston Texans, I actually thought I'd find more. Whom did I miss?

A couple other interesting Tweets. While some may assume Patrick Burke and the You Can Play project would be all over it, marriage simply isn't their issue.

They are laser-focused on the YCP mission -- to make sports more welcoming for LGBT athletes. Politics and marriage aren't part of that. You may scratch your head, but it makes sense. Many athletes may be totally fine with a gay teammate, but they aren't ready for marriage. By staying out of the politics of marriage and other issues, it makes them more approachable to the new allies who are critical to changing sports.

The other one we're now waiting for is Chad Ochocinco. Why do I get the feeling he's going to say something particularly newsworthy...?