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Jonathan Vilma bans Outsports from Twitter account, sues Roger Goodell

Jonathan Vilma isn't a nice guy. Recently he tweeted a couple items that some perceived to be homophobic messages; His response was to lash out at anyone who questioned him. When he was implicated in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, he sued NFL commissioner Roger Goodell (despite reports that say eye witnesses saw him offer $10k to anyone who knocked Brett Favre out of a game).

Now the suspended Saints linebacker has banned Outsports from his Twitter feed (we cannot access his feed but can as other log-ins and without logging in). I presume it's because we've asked him to clarify statements and because we have tweeted about his suspension and alleged bounty scandal involvement.

Typical of a guy like Vilma. He marches around questioning other people's manhood, but when the heat gets turned up he shuts people out and lashes out. Or maybe he just doesn't want to interact with a bunch of fags. Either way, he can dish it out, but he just can't take it. Waah, Jonathan Vilma, Waaaaaaaah...