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Jason Alexander calls cricket a 'gay' sport, reinforces every stereotype known to man

Actor Jason Alexander decided to tell everyone exactly what he thinks of gay men on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Talk turned from poker, which Alexander obviously thinks is a masculine game, to cricket. The actor then went on a tirade about how "gay" cricket is because he perceives it to be weak and lame (video after the jump). He then demonstrated how the bowler (Alexander, in his enlightened state, called him the "pitcher") defines just how gay the sport of cricket is:

It's not like a manly baseball pitch, it's a queer British gay pitch.

Every time I hear weak little men like Alexander talk about gay being the antithesis of masculine, I'd love to introduce them to Esera Tuaolo and John Amaechi. Or maybe he'd like to meet Steven Davies. Let's see him explain to them how 'gay' cricket is.

Alexander once played a gay character in the film, Love! Valour! Compassion!

The 'gay cricket' portion of the appearance stars around 8:55...

Hat tip to Towleroad.