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'Hockey ass' jeans now available

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Are you a hockey player with a big ass? Boy do we have a pair of jeans for you! Specially designed for hockey players with 'hockey ass,' these jeans give you more room in the rear and the thighs...all for just $89.99! These aren't mom jeans, these are hockey-ass jeans! From the jeans' maker:

Introducing the first ever BEAUTY FIT JEANS in the world made to fit a hockey player. Hockey players have massive legs and usually what is known as a “Hockey Ass” – a bit bigger from hours of skating, squats, bedroom games and overall just dominating life.

Yes that's right - bedroom games! We know the wrestling that goes on in the bedrooms of hockey players. And now there's a pair of jeans so you can look great doing what you do.

Hat tip to Deadspin.