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Brendon Ayanbadejo: About 70% of NFL players support same-sex marriage

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo appeared on ESPN's Outside The Lines today talking about his support of same-sex marriage and the letter by a government official that has sparked so much controversy.

When asked what percentage of NFL players agree with his support of same-sex marriage, he said he thinks it would have been about 10% two years ago. Now, he says that number is very different:

The majority of people in a football locker room, in major sports locker rooms, the majority will accept equality and love and same-sex marriages. I really couldn't put a figure on it, but if I could be so bold to try and guess, I would guess maybe around 70%. I think the big divide comes with religion. But even some individuals that are very religious also understand that it's a matter of equality and love, and they're not going to let religion dictate government. So, I think it would be around 70%. That would be my best guess.

I'm sure many people shook their heads when they heard it, but Ayanbadejo is reacting to the same things we at Outsports have reacted to in recent months: Attitudes have changed in recent years, more and more guys say they have gay friends and family members, and the vast majority of the media and the public still won't open their eyes to the fact that the NFL simply isn't a bastion of homophobia anymore.

You can view the interview here.