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Openly lesbian UFC fighter Liz Carmouche trains with rainbow mouthpiece

Will she wear it in UFC's first-ever women's bout?

Liz Carmouche and her rainbow mouthpiece
Liz Carmouche and her rainbow mouthpiece

For the first time, the UFC will stage a women's fight. The groundbreaking bout will be the main event of UFC 157 Saturday in Anaheim, Calif. The bantamweight title fight will pit champion Ronda Rousey against Liz Carmouche, the first openly gay fighter in the UFC.

In my profile of Carmouche, the former Marine spoke proudly of being an open lesbian. "For so long I was closeted, so to finally be out is great for me. To do so in such a mainstream [sport] is so rewarding, since I went from one extreme to another extreme," she said. "I’m excited to be part of history."

Carmouche has added a nice touch in her pre-fight training this week -- a rainbow mouthpiece. The accesory is obviously a nod to the LGBT community. We're not sure yet if she'll wear the rainbow in her mouth during the match, but here's hoping she does.