Ericka Newsome, the MMA fighter who lost to Fallon Fox on Saturday, March 2, told CNN that she will appeal the outcome of the fight. She appeared on CNN this weekend with her agent, Matthew Hambleton, who said Fox's lack of disclosure about her gender identity is part of the appeal. Hambleton said the referee calling the fight too early (after 39 seconds) is also part of the reasoning. From CNN's

HAMBLETON: [Newsome] hit the floor because the Muay Thai clinch slipped made her slip and she slipped upon impact. It looked like the knee rocked her, but she popped right back up and if you noticed, the referee looks at Fallon and looks at Newsome and looks at Fallon and looks at Newsome and waves off the fight.

But she walks away before even confirming the fight is over. These are professional athletes. They get paid to get hit and take a beating. Just because they're female, you can't take one little clip and say, OK, you know, the fight is over. …

So, you know, they should have let the fight go. She should have thrown at least one to two more shots to confirm it.

So, on that particular basis, that's one of the things we're going to appeal with as well as not having [Fox's gender identity] disclosed.

To be clear, Fox was never asked about her gender identity and she accurately labeled herself as "female" on the license application form.

In all likelihood, the majority of the reason for the appeal is in fact the referee's quick whistle. I was surprised he called the fight when he did, though Fox would have likely won soon after.

Still, lumping in Fox's gender identity with this isn't too cool if it's not part of the reason. Plus, Newsome said in the interview that she feels she should have been told beforehand.

Poor Erika Newsome. That KO from Fallon Fox really looks to have hurt her bad. (via wmmamedia)