UFC president Dana White once made homophobic comments, only to say that those comments were the biggest regret of his career.

In answering questions on SiriusXM's Abe Kanon Show about transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox, White repeatedly referred to her as 'he' and 'him' and said she's not much of a fighter anyway:

Here's the other thing. All this other hype about Fallon Fox fighting in the UFC or whatever, understand this first and foremost: Everyone that Fallon Fox has fought has a losing record.

So before you even think about fighting in the UFC or whatever – he was a man and now he's a woman – he's fighting girls who have losing records. Before you get too crazy about him being in the UFC, he's so freaking far from being in the UFC that it's not even funny.

It's hard to tell if White is just pissed that the biggest MMA story last week had nothing to do with him, or if he's truly just an ignorant jerk. My best guess is it's a little of both.

Hat tip to Eddie Goldman and Loretta Hunt.