Out lesbian UFC fighter Liz Carmouche offered her support for trans MMA fighter Fallon Fox in a statement to GLAAD, saying she is willing to fight Fox:

I understand she fights in a regional organization right now but, if she makes it to the UFC, and fights in the 135lbs female bantamweight division, I’d be happy to fight her. But that’s all hypothetical – what I can say for sure is that I understand what it is to be a LGBT athlete in the spotlight like she finds herself in right now and that I’m glad she’s got the support of the LBGT community behind her.

This is Fox’s biggest concern at this point. In the likely event she is licensed to compete as a female fighter, will other women be willing to get in the ring with her? All signs point to the affirmative, and it’s great to see Carmouche step up in support.