Fallon Fox, the trans MMA fighter who came out publicly a month ago, has been cleared of any wrongdoing stemming from accusations that she lied on her Florida license application. She had marked on the form that she was licensed in California, but she had only applied for a license. The California licensing group had admitted the form Fox received looked like a license, and they maintained an honest confusion by Fox was understandable.

"It makes me feel vindicated," Fox told Outsports. "I feel very happy that they came to the right conclusion. I wasn't too doubtful that they would. I was pretty sure they would look into it and realize I wasn't trying to deceive them with what I thought was a license."

This now clears the way for Fox to fight Allana Jones on May 24 as part of Championship Fighting Alliance 11. Jones and her camp had raised a question of whether she would agree to the fight. She had until Tuesday to sign the contract, and she did so:

"A fight is a fight! I'll knock her out!" the promoter quoted Jones as saying. She had until Tuesday to decide.

Fox's next six weeks will be full of constant training. "I'll be watching video of her, seeing how she moves and figuring out what we can capitalize on in the fight," Fox said.

The question still remains of what transgender policy the Florida State Boxing Commission will implement, and whether it will be before Fox's fight on May 24. Regardless, Fox is currently eligible to fight.

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