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Mixed reports: Johnny Weir not divorcing Victor Voronov as long as there's no sexting, or maybe he is...

Johnny Weir reportedly makes various sexual demands of husband Voronov for the two to remain a couple. Weir said a week ago there is no reconciliation. Who knows.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

After a couple months of divorce talk, it seems gay former figure skater Johnny Weir will not be divorcing husband Victor Voronov, as long as the two of them abide by some rules. TMZ reports Weir has several demands of Voronov that effectively eliminate any kind of sex, sexual contact or flirting outside of their marriage. Specifics in the reconciliation document prohibit "sexting," "mutual masturbation" (with someone other than Weir, we assume) and "sex outside the marriage" (oral sex is called out specifically, in case there are any questions). There's also a requirement for STD testing every six months with results read aloud to both Weir and Voronov - just in case.

This all comes weeks after documents by Voronov accused Weir of cheating on him and claimed that Weir outed him. I don't know why anyone concerned about being "outed" would date Johnny Weir, so that one's iffy at best.

Weir went on Access Hollywood and said there is no reconciliation and they will be divorcing. So, who knows...