In another strange twist of the marriage between Johnny Weir and husband Victor Voronov, the two have apparently reconciled after lashing out at one another publicly as recently as last week. Weir took to Twitter to announce the news to his fans:

Privacy? Ummm, Weir has made it a point to make his marriage very public from the day they were married. He went on television to talk about their separation and Voronov did the same. So it's hard to hear that everyone is supposed to ignore it now and leave them alone.

Weir did return to Twitter to share his insights on love

The reconciliation flies in the face of various Weir fans who attacked Outsports and other outlets last month for a report that Weir and Voronov would be getting back together under certain circumstances. Sadly, Weir hung his fans out to dry.

Either way, we're always glad if a married couple can work through their differences and forge a stronger relationship going forward. We hope that's the case here.

You can see the two men cat fight across TV interviews: