Croatia's World Cup soccer team is taking a vow of silence after nude photos of appeared online of the players at their training complex following their Game 1 loss to Brazil.

"They are determined that they will not speak to the media," Croatia coach Niko Kovac said. "I don't know if this will last until tomorrow, or until we are at the World Cup."
"I can't force them to change their minds after what you have done to them and their families," Kovac said.

The pictures were surreptitiously taken at the swimming pool at the team's complex and posted on a Croatian website.

The photos aren't much to get worked up about since they were shot through shrubbery and don't show a whole lot. Many feature players wearing swim trunks. And none show players kissing, alas. The photos are not nearly as hot as the ones from Croatia's water polo calendar.
These are not really unsafe for work since the naughty parts have been blurred out, but you can check out the gallery here.