Michael Sam took advantage of his trip to Europe to get engaged to his longtime boyfriend, Vito Cammisano. The two have been dating for several years and have been together through Sam’s roller-coaster year in the NFL.

Sam popped the question to Cammisano in Rome on Jan. 7, Sam's birthday. At least it will make the date easy to remember!

He made the announcement public on Twitter:

Cammisano previously posted this adorable video of Sam being serenaded with "Happy Birthday" at an Italian restaurant on Tuesday.

With the engagement, Sam enters more uncharted territory. Never before in the Big Five sports leagues have we had a gay player engaged or married. Other LGBT professional athletes have certainly gotten married, including PBA bowler Scott Norton and figure skater Johnny Weir. WNBA superstar Brittney Griner recently got engaged. Yet in the Big Five, Sam is yet another "first."

It's another big step for all of us. There is no more institutionalized acknowledgement of romantic relationships in this country than marriage. While "The Kiss" was groundbreaking, this is a milestone. Cammisano was already sitting with "the wives" during practices and games. Heck, you have to wonder if the teams will still informally call it "the wives' section" or opt for something more neutral.

And if one person – just one – remotely equates this to any form of "distraction," I'll need Dan to hold me back.

Where Sam and Cammisano will get married remains to be seen. Their last place of residence was Texas, Sam's homestate. Same-sex marriage is illegal there. There are court challenges to the marriage bans in Kansas and Missouri, though a Federal judge's decision in Missouri last November opened the door to some marriages there. It's complicated.

Huge congratulations to the happy couple – we can't wait to see where they're registered!

You can see some of the photos the two men have taken on their trip in both Spain and Italy: