When the Orebro hockey team of the Swedish Hockey League put on a gay pride night this weekend, they went all out with rainbow uniforms and the players performing "YMCA" after the win.

The lead dancer was goalie Julius Hudacek, joined in by players wearing head gear inspired by the Village People. “YMCA” is a little trite and obvious, but it’s the thought that counts. As the team’s website said:

"No matter where you were born, what religion you have, what culture you belong to, what disability you have, what sexual orientation you have or what your family situation, you can expect to Örebro Hockey respect you and treat you equally. … Hockey is a sport for everyone. Behrn Arena is a place where we are all equal. We as SHL club want to take responsibility and do what we can to shape a better future."

Kiruna, another team in the Swedish Hockey League, has been wearing rainbow uniforms all season to support gay rights.

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