After being in Indianapolis for just six hours, I can tell you that the residents and businesses here are as pissed off at Governor Pence and the state legislature as many in the LGBT rights movement.

As I said I would last week, I have asked someone from every business I engaged in the last few hours how they felt about me being gay. I didn't want to support a business that would conceivably want to refuse me service for being gay. Anthony Nicodemo, Derek Schell and I sought to support businesses that supported us.

What I found was overwhelming support. Cassey at Howl At The Moon wore a pint that said "Indy Welcomes All."

A waitress at Rock Bottom Brewery told us, "I'm ashamed of my state."

Checking into the National Association of Basketball Coaches conference, Nicodemo posted this:

When we logged onto Uber, we got an amazing surprise. All of the vehicles on the Uber map had little rainbow flags on them. And the intro screen said this:

It's safe to say that the people of Indianapolis have rolled out the red carpet for the gays this weekend. Even within the state, amongst regular straight citizens, the outcry over the state's anti-LGBT law has become a chorus.