The FINA world swimming, diving and water polo championships are finishing their two-week run in Kazan, Russia, this week, but this post is not about who won, what it means etc. If you want that, check out the coverage on Swimming World.

This is simply a gallery of swimmers and water polo players in their attire of suits (Speedos or whatever brand they are wearing). It's August and you would rather look at these 25 images than read something anyway.

Anytime we run something like this we will hear from someone (always gay) decrying how we are "sexualizing" athletes and setting back the movement. Nonsense. What's wrong with admiring an athlete's body? And ESPN The Magazine (body issue) and Sports Illustrated (swimsuit issue) must not have gotten the memo.

If these offend you in any way, no one is forcing you to scroll on these 25 images of well-toned, elite athletes wearing skimpy uniforms in their chosen sport — feel free to click here instead.

All photos by Getty Images and R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya. A complete event-by-event photo gallery can be found on Fina's event's website.

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