For the last couple years we've heard from countless Mexico apologists that the common soccer-match chant "puto" by the fans somehow isn't homophobic, despite the term being specifically designed to disparage homosexuality.

Now the Mexican national soccer team is creating a campaign fighting against bigotry, but the impetus behind the campaign is apparently the anti-gay chant "puto" that is allegedly not anti-gay. Fusion reported on the development:

A Mexican Soccer Federation employee confirmed to Fusion that although the campaign is aimed at combating racism in general, its main goal is to eliminate the puto chant.

And in doing so, Mexican soccer officials are trying to avoid incurring additional fines during games leading up to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

While ESPN refused to silence the chant on-air, and international soccer officials including FIFA at one point refused to take any action against it, it's nice to see the people of Mexico themselves acknowledging what we've all known all along: The chant is homophobic and needs to stop. Good on the Mexico national team.