Los Angeles Times sports writer Bill Plaschke and out gay Los Angeles Galaxy player Robbie Rogers joined Chelsea Handler on her new Netflix show to talk about sports and soccer and gay stuff. Rogers and Plaschke did not disappoint, calling out the corrupt forces within FIFA that lead to sexist, racist and homophobic decisions.

When asked about the 2018 World Cup in Russia, and the country’s anti-LGBT laws, Rogers got colorful.

"If I were on the team I'd go and tie some glitter," Rogers said, "I'd have glitter, I'd make sure people knew I was gay so I could be present and people would know. I'd have a tiara."

The answer drew loud applause from the audience.

Before you march down the "why does Rogers think gays have to wear glitter and tiaras" road, give the guy a break. He's having fun with it, and the image of a soccer player wearing a tiara drenched in glitter in the middle of a World Cup match in Moscow would be awesome.

While the “glitter” suggestion may have been off-the-cuff (I’d think the rainbow laces route might be more practical), it’s great to see Rogers continue to be very out and very proud of who he is. When Russia hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics, none of the LGBT athletes competing — or any of the non-LGBT athletes — did anything noteworthy to protest Russia’s treatment of gay people. That Rogers is ready, willing and able to make a statement is great.

Rogers did compete for the United States in the 2008 Olympics, and he competed for the U.S. senior team from 2009-2011. However, he has not been invited to be part of the team since he came out publicly in 2013.

For the full interview, head over to 'Chelsea' on Netflix.