Oct. 11 is National Coming Out Day and 150 LGBT people in sports have come out since the last such day in 2016.

The diversity of sports and backgrounds is amazing but they all have one universal trait — the desire to be authentic, open and proud. “Be brave. Be proud. Be strong,” as one athlete said.

LGBT people in sports who have come out in the past year

Edward Calloway, track and field

Matthew Nelson, soccer referee

Shawn McLaughlin, volleyball coach

Johanna Larsson, tennis

Jace Anderson, track and field

Ryan Atkin, soccer referee

Pat Manuel, boxing

Susie Poore, track and field

Michael Mitchell, track and field

Sue Bird, basketball

Layne Ingram, basketball

Scott Frantz, college football

Kansas State offensive lineman Scott Frantz (74)

Zach Brookes, tennis

Warren Cohn, sports financial advisor

Clarence Pryor, swimming

Lex Clay, softball

Electra Viveros, basketball coach

Angela Viveros, basketball coach

Mack Beggs, wrestling

Kaig Lightner, soccer coach

Ryan Santana, baseball

Katalina Murrie, kayaker

Shawn Barber, Olympic pole vault

Nick Vucovich, Lucas White Moon, Cal Neikirk and Paul Messana ran on the same college relay team.

Cal Neikirk, track and field

Paul Messana, track and field

Nick Vucovich, track and field

Lucas White Moon, track and field

Laura Clemesha, netball

Josh Goyne, rodeo

Conny Perrin, tennis

Tara Moore, tennis

Dustin Kidby, curling

Darrion McAlister, college football

John Epping, curling

Adam McCabe, soccer

DJ Slifer, basketball coach

Izzy Allen, basketball

Mason Johnson, rugby

Mike Pasqualini, golf

Naomi Hong, golf

Alex Reimer, writer, talk show host

Brock McGillis, hockey

Nicholle Aston

Nicholle Aston, basketball

Cheryl Lala, golf

Abi Liu, swimming

KR Liu, basketball

Johanna Larsson, tennis

Colin Jackson, Olympic track and field

Taylor Smith, pro soccer

Hayden Reidy, triathlon

Dominic Taverna, football referee

Isaac Reed III, track and field

James Harbaugh Jr., son of Michigan coach

Kennedy Lohman, swimming

Connor Lohman, swimming

Jarrin Williams, track and cross country coach

Jarrin Williams is a high school coach

Katelyn Best, sportswriter

Lowell McNicholas, rowing coach

Lindsey Farrell, college soccer and lacrosse

Taylon Crume, soccer

Mark Johnson, baseball coach

Jenna Weiner, ultimate Frisbee

Madison Hall, shooting

Dave Doyle, sportswriter

Noel Guevara, Arizona Diamondbacks front office executive

Ryan O’Callaghan, NFL player

Austin Hodges, high school football

Axel Reed, swimming

Josh Velasquez, swimming

Axel Reed and Josh Velasquez

Dawson LaRance, track and field

Bryce Fehringer, swimming

Lars Egge, track coach

Ben Lindaman, track and field

Deon Fox, track and field

Preston Cope, powerlifting

Brian Vahaly, tennis

Brad Neumann, track and field

Justin Rabon, track and field

Nile Clark, tennis

Nick Nasser, rugby

Wyatt Pertuset, college football

Chris Hashemzadeh, high school football coach

Katie Sowers, NFL assistant coach

Katie Sowers

Jimmy Nuckolls, volleyball

Erik Pocock, high school athlete

Mike Brosseau, basketball

Brandon Rosolowski, football, wrestling, diving

Trevor Ritchie, curling

Nicholas Ramirez, cheerleading

Isaac Grivett, running

Keith Johnston, college band director

Liam Ball, wrestling

Philip Batler, track and field

Michael Castor, NFL front office

Jacob Jean, cheerleading

Jacob Jean

Matthew Greenfield, gymnastics

Michael Pavano, personal trainer

Grahm Schneider, track and field

Anthony Bowens, pro wrestling

Jesse Loera, wrestling

Felipe Oliveira, volleyball

Jennifer Emery, track and field

Etienne Aduya, football

Luke Marshall, swimming

Kylon Drones, track and field

Sarka Pancochova, snowboarding

Sarka Pancochova

Dylan Geick, wrestling

Tyler Joachim, running

Danny Watts, auto racing

Luke Zoesch, hunting

Andre Fraticelli, baseball

Kyle Kurdziolek, football

Nick Vallejo, surfing

Theresa Goh, swimming

Philippa York, cycling

Stephany Mayor, soccer

My-King Johnson, football

Colin Christiansen, softball coach

Xavier Colvin, college football

Xavier Colvin

Joe Altenau, New Jersey Devils front office

Tony Nicolosi, track and field and cross-country

Max Showalter, diving

Stephen Kilroy, running

Ivan Dennis, archery

Oshin Derieuw, boxing

Zach Greenawalt, pole vault

Tony Covell, water polo

Evelien Bouilliart, skateboarding

Bradley Whitaker, lacrosse

Chase Boyle, track and field

Chase Boyle

Nick Bogar, volleyball

Jared Reynolds, running

Jesse Moore, swimming coach

Garrett White, cross-country

Andre Apodaca, college football

Quinten Hizey, wrestling coach

Emmonnie Henderson, track and field

Emmonnie Henderson with more hardware.

Mike Nelson, swimming

Nattaphon Wangyot, track and field

Nick Cottrell, Milwaukee Bucks front office

Dylan Baker, high school football

Tyson Lusk, college sports administrator

Hugo Scheckter, English soccer executive

Elyse Villani, cricket

Sam Hunt, softball

Elias Rieland, soccer

Tiffany Moore, softball

Emily Easom, basketball

Alena Sharp, golf

Penny Cula-Reid, Australian Rules Football

Mia-Rae Clifford, Australian Rules Football

Penny Cula-Reid and Mia-Rae Clifford

If you know someone who came out and is not on this list, drop us a line ([email protected]).