Elena Delle Donne married her girlfriend, Amanda Clifton, over the weekend. And wow, was it a wedding.

Taking place at the Hempstead House just outside New York City, the WNBA superstar and her bride were both dressed in elegant white dresses. The two women each had seven bridesmaids, and their wedding bands each featured the other’s birthstone.

It was only missing a dozen swans paddling in the bay. As far as we know.

The wedding was officiated by Delle Donne’s agent, Erica Crane.

Delle Donne came out publicly right before the 2016 Summer Olympics, sharing the story of her relationship with her wife.

It’s always so inspiring to see out LGBT people living their lives openly so young people like them can find an inspiration. Hopefully every lesbian and bisexual woman can see this wedding and find self-confidence and inspiration.

Here are some more wedding photos, including the tallest wedding cake you’ve ever seen (for, at 6-foot-5, one of the tallest brides you’ve ever seen).

Rebecca Yale Photography
Rebecca Yale Photography
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