Public Displays of Affection. The general public has a wide range of reaction to them, from totally accepting to… eewwwwwwww….

It’s not just PDAs for same-sex couples. Many straight couples get the “go get a room” reaction from people for simply sharing a peck on the lips in a crowded restaurant.

None of that is going to deter Olympic soccer player Michelle Heyman and her girlfriend, May Yousif. They already share plenty of affection publicly, but after WNBA player and AFLW MVP Erin Phillips had no issue putting her partner on display at the AFLW’s postseason awards show, Heyman told the Daily Telegraph she intends to do the same next month when her soccer league hosts a similar event.

“I think it’s a good thing to see same-sex couples do what everyone else does,” Heyman told the Daily Telegraph in Australia. “I love being ourselves and being able to be in the public eye and be comfortable with who we are because I believe the more we do that the more normal it becomes.”

It is so important for same-sex couples to not hide their affection for one another right now, particularly as the couple’s native country of Australia continues to debate same-sex marriage rights. So kudos to the couple for sharing their love with the world.

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