The Toronto Blue Jays have suspended outfielder Kevin Pillar two games for using a gay slur during last night’s match against the Atlanta Braves, according to reports.

Note that this suspension was not handed down by Major League Baseball, but by the club itself. We have not learned whether MLB will require a longer suspension.

The team previously suspended Yunel Escobar three games for writing a gay slur on his eye black. It’s interesting that the team feels yelling a gay slur in 2017 isn’t as bad as writing it on your eye black in 2012.

The two-game suspension is 1.2% of the season.

The team previously issued a statement chastising the player, and Pillar has issued an apology to the targeted player, the Braves and the LGBTQ community.

Hopefully the Blue Jays and MLB do not think this issue is settled. This is the second time in five years a player from the same team has gotten in hot water over a gay slur. Somebody should escalate this to another level.

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