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On National Coming Out Day, meet LGBTQ athletes and coaches from 31 sports

On National Coming Out Day, LGBTQ athletes make their mark.

Today is National Coming Out Day, a day for gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer and transgender people to celebrate who they are, and sports are a big part of this event.

In the past year, dozens of athletes and coaches came out as LGBTQ, along with people from other areas of sport such as trainers, media or front office employees. They are from 31 sports, from ice dancing to ice hockey and football (American) to football (worldwide).

Below are some of the athletes and coaches who came out in sports since the last National Coming Out Day. Some of them were out for the first time while others have been out in some capacity but their sexual orientation just became widely known in the past year. Click on their name to read more about them.

Auto Racing
Hurley Haywood

Michael Holland

Uri Kokia

Sophie Vercruyssen

Bobsleigh - Winter Olympics Day 12
Sophie Vercruyssen, right, with teammate An Vannieuwenhuyse at the 2018 Winter Olympics.
Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Ajay Holbrook

Sandra Forgues

Nathaniel Hernandez
Lisa Coe
Robert Páez
Scotia Mullin
Clark Carter
Simon Carne
Aidan Faminoff
Manny Pollard

Field hockey
Cheradyn Pettit

Figure skating
Jorik Hendrickx

Indiana State football player Jake Bain

Jake Bain
Jacob Van Ittersum
Bradley Kim
Landon Foster
Donovan Hillary

Tadd Fujikawa
Maya Reddy
Payton Bradley

Gravity racing
Zack Leader

Joey Bonanno
Eric Holley

Ice dancing
Karina Manta

Around the Games: Day 14 - Winter Olympic Games
U.S. hockey player Meghan Duggan
Photo by Ker Robertson/Getty Images,

Ice hockey
Meghan Duggan
Gillian Apps
Jay Forster
Anya Battaglino
Jessica Platt

Ryan Socolow

Pro wrestling
Mike Parrow
Nir Rotenberg

Johnny Kemps
Chad Callais
Adam Dalton
Tim Landry
Matt Kravitz
Harrison Knowlton
Tucker Meijer
Kelsey Tyler

Kim Meylemans

Liam Moya

Sarka Pancochova

MLS: Minnesota United FC at FC Dallas
Minnesota United midfielder Collin Martin
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Collin Martin
Bianca Henninger
Ian Johnson
Arman Bashiri
Teran Lind
Christine Nairn
Robbie White
Lauryn Hutchinson

JoAnnah Lim
Kaitlyn Poe

Brittany Bowe

Luis Hernández
Todd Harrity

Xu Jingsen

Abrahm DeVine
Hunter Sigmund
Seth Owen
Matthew Garza
David Thibodeau
Mark Foster
Steven Stumph
John Kim

Payton Tomasko
Nick Lee
Joseph Wenger
Alison Van Uytvanck
Greet Minnen

Antonio Woodard of the University of Iowa
Darren Miller/

Track and field
Anthony Peters
Will Lynch
Abby Hetherington
Kaylin Whitney
Sam Layding
Nika Ouellette
H. David Rials
Antonio Woodard
Derek Wiebke
Kyle Davis

Tiffany Abreu
Noah Munger

Justice Horn

Others in sports
Amy Werdine (Minnesota Vikings)
Justin Stevenson (athletic trainer)
Alex Valvo (hockey referee)
Ben Pereira (sports management)
Jason Pippi (St. Louis Blues)
Richie Anderson (English soccer)
Carley Knox (Minnesota Lynx VP)
Pascal Erlachner (Soccer referee)

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