This week the NCAA Office of Inclusion has built a diversity and inclusion social media campaign around #NCAAInclusion. On Monday athletes, coaches and athletics departments were encouraged to share on social media what makes them “More Than An Athlete,” celebrating their diversity beyond being part of the sports world. Each day this week there will be another theme for the campaign.

At least eight college athletes used the opportunity to share being gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans or queer in celebration of their true selves.

Payton Tomasko, Edinboro Univ. tennis

Nathaniel Hernandez, Duke Univ. swimming and diving

Lisa Coe, Univ. of Pittsburgh swimming and diving

Will Lynch of the Univ. of Vermont track and field

JoAnnah Lim of Alverania University softball

Michaela, Gonzaga Univ. track and field

Cheradyn Pettit, Mercy College field hockey

Kaitlyn Poe, Illinois College softball

If you have shared being a member of the LGBTQ community as part of the NCAA’s inclusion campaign this week, please let us know so we can include you.