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Trans Athletes

Trans swimmer Meghan Cortez-Fields puts up collegiate school record at weekend invite

Citing Lia Thomas as an inspiration, the Ramapo (N.J.) College senior flew on the water at the Cougar Splash invite.

GOP Governors are facing off with the NCAA over their trans-athlete policy

Nine governors seek a policy change and are lobbying the former governor who now leads the NCAA

Trans trailblazer Jaiyah Saelua says light touch of ‘Next Goal Wins’ can kick out ignorance

As Taika Waititi’s movie about the American Samoa soccer team arrives in Trans Awareness Week, Saelua tells Outsports how a little "cringe" in the comedy helps to get the right result.

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Trans college tennis player Brooklyn Ross eyes the season ahead, with rare objections behind her

After years of competing without incident, concerns prior to a tournament in August put her in the continuing debate.

Asian Games controversy shows anti-trans bias in sports has legs, even after a ban

A losing athlete claims a competitor is trans, then apologizes for her mistake.

In 24 states many trans youth need not apply to tryout for their school team

A new school year begins with codified discrimination in school sports as Alaska joins the states with trans student-athlete restrictions.

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Sept. 1, 1977: Moment in time from Renée Richards

Trans tennis player Renee Richards won the legal right to compete in the U.S. Women's Open in 1877.

Emily Bridges quits cycling, a sad repercussion of trans-athlete bans in sports

Bridges had hoped to aim for a spot in the Paris Olympics. Now she’ll spend her time advocating for trans rights.

New third ‘open’ category to include trans swimmers at Berlin World Cup

After banning most trans women from the female category, World Aquatics is testing a new category.

Disc Golf Pro Tour creates ‘United Series’ as a compromise in trans inclusion impasse

Five tournaments reinstated with trans women allowed to compete in Female Pro Open division.

Cycling and disc golf’s new rules reinforce the idea that trans women who win aren’t women

Two governing bodies sent a harsh, clear message of exclusion to trans athletes.

WrestleCon removes Rick Steiner from August convention due to lack of public apology for his anti-trans rant

WrestleCon owner Michael Bachicchio told Outsports Steiner’s return hinges on him making a public statement on the transphobic incident.

Historic bronze for trans para athlete Valentina Petrillo at World Para Athletics Championships

Despite uncertainty over rules and anti-trans hysteria, Italy’s Petrillo starts her first run on the world stage and ends up with her first world championship medal

UCI bans transgender women from the female category after Austin Killips’ wins

After Killips’ victory, several loud anti-trans voices influenced UCI to reconsider its bylaws.

Conservative pundits freak out over Megan Rapinoe’s support for a potential trans teammate

After Rapinoe told Time Magazine she would welcome a transgender athlete to the USWNT, right-wing pundits tried to weaponize her impending retirement against her.

Nikki Hiltz continues a dream season with USATF outdoor 1500m national championship

The first USATF nonbinary national champion adds a third national title for 2023, and a trip to World Athletics Championships next month.

Lance Armstrong’s The Forward podcast launches series on trans-athlete inclusion amidst skepticism

The first editions of the series featured conversations with Caitlyn Jenner and sports governance analyst Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.

Honorees 41-50: Outsports Power 100, the most influential LGBTQ people in sports

"For the gay and lesbian community, there is more acceptance than even five years ago," says a CBS Sports exec, on this list with a trans athlete and activist, a sports columnist and pro wrestler.

A grand journey to Grand Marshal shows the power of Pride for this trans woman

A surprise Pride honor for Outsports’ Karleigh Webb also made a prediction come to pass.

These 23 trans women have won national or international competitions or championships

While most trans women aren’t winning major titles, here are almost two dozen athletes who have found success.

2 more athletes lose out as governing bodies move away from trans inclusion

Natalie Ryan and Halba Diouf have been barred from competing in the female category of their sports.

Trans disc golf pro Natalie Ryan wins, then loses, in court, won’t continue to compete in this weekend’s OTB Open

A Federal judge in California granted temporary restraining order. PDGA lawyers appealed and won.

MMA fighter wants to fight 10 trans men. A trans wrestler says ‘Game on!’

Jake Shields thinks he’s proving some point about trans athletes. Wrestler Mack Beggs quickly called him out.

Outsports’ Karleigh Webb makes a happy return to the football field

A dream comes true on the gridiron for the sports journalist and athlete, and shows why inclusion matters.

Trans hoop hopeful Lexi Rodgers bounced by Basketball Australia

An official panel denies her bid to play in women’s NBL1 South

These 36 trans athletes have competed openly in college

Lia Thomas ignited a debate over trans inclusion in college sports. She’s not the first or last to compete.

Ray Libman competed as a trans athlete over 20 years ago. And you didn’t even know it.

You likely have never heard of Ray Libman, who quietly broke ground in sports in the early 2000s.

Nike, Bud Light sign trans TikTok celeb and piss off transphobes in sports

The backlash against Dylan Mulvaney isn’t ‘anti-woke,’ it’s basic anti-LGBTQ panic

Here are 28 LGBTQ athletes who have children

Riley Gaines claimed gay athletes are ‘unlikely’ to have kids. Ummmmm...

Biden Administration trans student-athlete proposal is flawed, but fixable

In making a Title IX overhaul, a past President’s example from 100 years ago may be the way forward.

Sports need to discuss cisgender discomfort over transgender athletes winning

It’s time to get beyond cis aversion to trans people winning in sports.

World Athletics’ new trans and DSD policy says fairness is negotiable for some

New regulations leave trans women out of the female category and the ‘Caster Semenya Rule’ tightened.


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