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Trans Athletes

Trans cyclist Emily Bridges gives powerful interview, wants to see a trans-inclusion policy in cycling now

In the ITV interview, Bridges says anti-trans statements by British PM Boris Johnson led to threats against her.

Lia Thomas confirms she’s aiming to compete at the 2024 Summer Olympics

Lia Thomas would be only the second out trans woman to compete at an Olympic Games.

Japanese pro wrestling legend Yu Ishino (fka Kagetsu) comes out as trans

Yu Ishino became on of the world’s most prolific pro wrestlers under the name Kagetsu before retiring in 2020.

Hockey president apologizes after supporting group on trans-athlete inclusion

Digit Murphy was criticized for supporting a group that wants access to sports for trans women, with transition requirements.

Journalist Danielle McLean finds warmth and safety as a trans athlete on the hockey ice

Team Trans Hockey member and senior editor talks about hockey’s place in her journey on the Trans Sporter Room.

Charlie Martin climbs to the podium in debut weekend at Laguna Seca

The trans pioneer ends up third in class in comeback from first-race DNF in her first-ever race weekend in the U.S.

This trans hockey player found her support system on the ice

Journalist Danielle McLean recently wrote an op-ed about the special place her women’s hockey league plays in her life as an out trans woman.

UK endurance racer Charlie Martin readies to race in the USA

The trans trailblazer will take the green flag in Lamborghini Super Trofeo North America.

Dr. Veronica Ivy eyes next steps as athlete and activist

The two-time world track cycling champion talks about sports, speaking out and self care on The Trans Sporter Room.

Trans athlete Blair Hamilton named goalie for national women’s team

Hamilton will compete with the England Universities Sport Women’s soccer team.

These 32 trans athletes have competed openly in college

Lia Thomas has ignited a debate over trans inclusion in college sports. She’s not the first or last to compete.

Lia Thomas found success, and also came up short, at NCAAs. The debate rages on.

Lia Thomas won a national title, then had two poorer showings in finals. Everyone is claiming they were vindicated.

Emily Bridges decision shows the flaw in the IOC’s new framework

Cycling’s world governing body made a call and ignored a critical IOC principle in the process

Emily Bridges barred from competing in women’s national championship

The trans cyclist won a national title in the male category a few weeks ago. Her debut in female cycling now waits.

Thanksgiving on Trans Day of Visibility

A day of transgender sports joy and gratitude for these 47 trans athletes, coaches and officials, and so many more.

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Screamers scream about trans athletes

While scientists and medical professionals look for answers on the athletic effects of transition, people are left screaming about the facts.

6 truths and myths about Lia Thomas, trans athletes and women’s swimming

There is lots of information, and falsehoods, shared about Penn swimmer Lia Thomas.

Iszac Henig 5th, Lia Thomas 8th in 100-free final, two trans All-Americans in women’s swimming

Outsports is tracking trans swimmers Lia Thomas and Iszac Henig at the NCAA Women’s Swimming Championships.

Important study of trans athletes looking for people to participate

Joanna Harper is part of a group looking to study transgender athletes as they transition.

Lia Thomas wins NCAA championship in 500 freestyle

Thomas is the first trans athlete to win an NCAA Division 1 national title.

Let’s lower the temperature this NCAA Championships weekend and let the athletes shine

The conversation can continue after Lia Thomas, Iszac Henig and everyone at the NCAA Swimming Championships get on to the action, please.

Lia Thomas and trans-athlete debate not as easy as left vs. right

The perspective of people on the inclusion of trans women in women’s sports isn’t easily defined by ideological labels.

How Lia Thomas and Iszac Henig got to NCAA Swimming Championships in Atlanta

For the first NCAA trans student-athletes to reach a Division I championship event, the road was long, twisty and worth it.

Trans Iowa trailblazer Kyla Paterson sees hope despite legislative setback in her state

In 2015, she was Iowa City High’s first out trans student-athlete and says more will come despite the passage of a trans-athlete ban.

Sports Illustrated profiles Lia Thomas with rare interview

Thomas gives personal insight on the last few months headed to Ivy Championships, the NCAAs and beyond.

These 10 trans women have won national or international competitions and championships

While most trans women aren’t winning major titles, here are 10 athletes who have broken through with success.

Lia Thomas won 4 Ivy League titles, set multiple records. Iszac Henig won 2 championships

Thomas and Henig each had record-setting performances in the Ivy League Championships.

Lia Thomas wins individual Ivy League championship, first trans athlete to do so

Lia Thomas won the women’s 500-free at the Ivy League Championship, setting a pool record.

Lia Thomas competing at Ivy League championships is a fair deal

Thomas has endured public attacks while the Ivy League and Penn remained silent for too long.

NCAA won’t immediately adopt USA Swimming’s trans policy, opening up door for Lia Thomas

Thomas can now compete in the NCAA championships, provided she falls in line with pre-existing NCAA rules.

Lia Thomas will swim in Ivy League championships, conference says

Conference notes NCAA policy for current year only applies to NCAA championships.

USA Swimming unveils new trans policy, could impact Lia Thomas’ championship hopes

The NCAA has said it will defer its trans policies to governing bodies. League championships are in two weeks.