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Trans Athletes

The transgender coach who's changing a small town

Stephen Alexander, America's first publicly out transgender high school coach, is opening minds in the tiny Rhode Island town of Glocester, where he was a star athlete in girl's sports growing up.

A man is competing in Division I women’s swimming, but it isn’t Lia Thomas

Iszac Henig made national headlines when he won several races for Yale this past weekend.

These 27 trans athletes have competed openly in college

Lia Thomas has ignited a debate over trans inclusion in college sports. She’s not the first to compete.

Trans swimmers Lia Thomas and Iszac Henig went head-to-head in the pool, each getting wins

Thomas showed slower times in her two wins, as Yale transgender swimmer Iszac Henig showed speed, beating Thomas head-to-head.

Ivy League and Penn issue statements supporting Lia Thomas

Both entities say Thomas has met or exceeded all NCAA protocols for trans athletes.

6 truths and myths circulating about Lia Thomas, trans athletes and women’s swimming

There is lots of information, and falsehoods, being shared about Penn swimmer Lia Thomas.

Outsports Assholes of the Year: People who intentionally misgender trans athletes

Willful misgendering. Deadnames in news articles. Professional transphobes are telling you who they are by weaponizing misgendering. Believe them.

Kristi Noem’s latest anti-trans athlete proposal could backfire on her

Noem’s political theatre may collide with legal and sports reality.

Anti-trans panic comes to an Ivy League pool

A college swimmer is the latest trans woman athlete-turned-transphobe’s latest "villain."

Trans swimmer Lia Thomas is the center of a brewing culture war. Why is the LGBTQ community silent?

Lia Thomas is shattering records in the pool. It’s time we and the NCAA engage on her performance.

Trans college swimmer Lia Thomas set two conference records this weekend

The senior swimmer at Penn set school and Ivy League records, and perhaps set up a run at NCAA history.

Olympics changing trans-athlete policy, will leave inclusion up to individual sports

The IOC will discontinue its current transgender policy after the 2022 Olympics, leaving questions as to what change will look like.

This trans athlete cried tears of joy the first time he took the ice with Team Trans

Mason LeFebvre now feels he has a family in the rink. Team Trans travels to Madison, Wisc., this weekend.

International Powerlifting Federation ejects USA Powerlifting over testing policies

IPF member nations dropped USAPL prior to world championships, after trans-inclusion disagreement.

Trans high school golfer suing Tennessee for the right to play his sport

Luc Esquivel is suing Tennessee to fight the states’ trans-student-athlete ban. He’s repped by the ACLU and Lambda Legal.

Brazilian trans volleyball star Tifanny Abreu starts a new season on top with championship

The Outsports Triumph Award winner’s dominant run ended with a Paulista Championship for her new team

E Kerr is moving ahead by leaving the game behind

Transition meant ending their softball-playing career, but staying close to their college team as a manager.

No one transitions to win in sports. Period.

Myth making, policy making and never the twain should meet.

Martina Navratilova reflects on her advocacy, the March on Washington, trans athletes and more

The tennis legend tells Outsports that every trans athlete deserves a path to inclusion in women’s sports.

The Fallon Fox legacy evolved in Alana McLaughlin’s debut MMA win

McLaughlin’s win last week was just as sweet for the "Bravest Athlete In History."

Alana McLaughlin grabs trailblazing MMA debut win by submission

A rear chokehold forces Celine Provost to submit as McLaughlin rallies back to gain a first win by a trans fighter in seven years.

Trans fighter Alana McLaughlin makes MMA debut tonight

The trans MMA fighter faces France’s Celine Provost on Combate Global’s live fight card on Paramount+

Hailey Davidson makes cut, headed to final round on historic quest for a 2022 tour card

If she gets through Q-school, Davidson would be the first-ever transgender golfer to earn LPGA tour credentials

Canada, with 5 out players and an out coach, win soccer gold as Quinn wins historic medal

Quinn is first trans Olympic medalist, helping Canada go from worst to first in just 10 years.

Laurel Hubbard’s Olympics end in sadness, grace and hope

Pull For Pride’s co-founders note Hubbard’s courage today will spark more trans hopefuls tomorrow.

Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard’s Olympic hopes end in heartbreak

Three failed attempts for the first transgender woman to compete in the Olympic Games

Trans Olympians Laurel Hubbard and Quinn compete on Monday, a day of trans pride and joy

Quinn and Laurel Hubbard take the stage to write more sporting history, and give a community a place to rest, cheer and dream

Olympics refuse to back down: Trans weightlifter Laurel Hubbard will compete

Laurel Hubbard fairly earned a spot at the Tokyo Olympics, and the trans athlete will compete.

Should trans athlete policies mandate medical transition? Some advocates say ‘yes,’ others ‘no’

LGBTQ leaders are largely against mandating medical transitions for trans high school athletes, some even for college.

Trans pro wrestling trailblazer Mariah Moreno is bouquet-worthy at Paris is Bumping

Flowers are on order for trans pro wrestling trailblazer Mariah Moreno at Paris is Bumping: Solid Gold ‘21.

Trans kayaker Veiga Grétarsdóttir’s history-making odyssey chronicled in new documentary

"Against the Current" follows trans kayaker Veiga Grétarsdóttir on her 1,300-mile solo journey along the Icelandic coast.

CeCé Telfer removed from the USA Track & Field Olympic Trials

Telfer was removed from qualification for the US Olympic Trials.


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