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Trans Athletes

Trans disc golf pro Natalie Ryan wins, then loses, in court, won’t continue to compete in this weekend’s OTB Open

A Federal judge in California granted temporary restraining order. PDGA lawyers appealed and won.

MMA fighter wants to fight 10 trans men. A trans wrestler says ‘Game on!’

Jake Shields thinks he’s proving some point about trans athletes. Wrestler Mack Beggs quickly called him out.

Outsports’ Karleigh Webb makes a happy return to the football field

A dream comes true on the gridiron for the sports journalist and athlete, and shows why inclusion matters.

Trans hoop hopeful Lexi Rodgers bounced by Basketball Australia

An official panel denies her bid to play in women’s NBL1 South

These 36 trans athletes have competed openly in college

Lia Thomas ignited a debate over trans inclusion in college sports. She’s not the first or last to compete.

Ray Libman competed as a trans athlete over 20 years ago. And you didn’t even know it.

You likely have never heard of Ray Libman, who quietly broke ground in sports in the early 2000s.

Nike, Bud Light sign trans TikTok celeb and piss off transphobes in sports

The backlash against Dylan Mulvaney isn’t ‘anti-woke,’ it’s basic anti-LGBTQ panic

Here are 28 LGBTQ athletes who have children

Riley Gaines claimed gay athletes are ‘unlikely’ to have kids. Ummmmm...

Biden Administration trans student-athlete proposal is flawed, but fixable

In making a Title IX overhaul, a past President’s example from 100 years ago may be the way forward.

Sports need to discuss cisgender discomfort over transgender athletes winning

It’s time to get beyond cis aversion to trans people winning in sports.

World Athletics’ new trans and DSD policy says fairness is negotiable for some

New regulations leave trans women out of the female category and the ‘Caster Semenya Rule’ tightened.

World Athletics bans trans women from the female track and field category

The new ban happens to begin on International Transgender Day of Visibility, March 31.

Trans boxer Patricio Manuel wins first match in four years, improves to 2-0

The pioneering fighter comes out firing against Hien Huynh after a four-year absence from the ring.

U.S. House committee debates federal ban on trans women in women’s sports

Legislators cross swords along party lines over trans women and girls in sports.

Bobbie Hirsch is a trans man competing in the upcoming NCAA Men’s Regional

Hirsch fences for Wayne State University. He may be the first trans man to compete in an NCAA Men’s Regional.

Trans disc golfer Natalie Ryan files discrimination suit against pro tour

With the opening tournament of the season approaching, tour and event organizers are cited

At least 44 states currently ask high school female athletes about their ‘menstrual period’

Female athletes encounter questions about their periods. Some states request genital inspections, for ‘males only.’

World Athletics proposes tighter regulation on transgender women, will not propose outright ban

Possible new rules would merge trans regulations with the ‘Caster Semenya Rule.’

Iszac Henig swims fast, has fun, and has no regrets in his final season at Yale

In an interview on The Trans Sporter Room, Henig gives a deeper glimpse into his transition in and out of the pool.

World Boxing Council intends to introduce new transgender category

Last year, the WBC barred transgender boxers from competing against cisgender fighters.

Trans swimmer Iszac Henig switches from the women’s to the men’s swimming team at Yale

Henig talks about coming full circle in a New York Times op-ed.

Lia Thomas and Iszac Henig are Outsports 2022 Transgender Athletes of the Year

The Ivy League swimmers were both at the center of one of the biggest stories in all of sport in 2022.

Professional Disc Golf Association announces restrictions for trans women for 2023

‘The decision sends a clear message,’ said trans pro Natalie Ryan. ‘This board does not want me to succeed.’

Trans cyclist Austin Killips takes 3rd in the snow at U.S. Cyclocross Nationals

Another trans athlete, Jenna Lingwood, finished 5th and also captured the 40-44 Masters championship.

Trans cyclist Emily Bridges: ‘I’m still here’

A new documentary looks at Bridges’ fight for her right to race in the female category as British Cycling ponders new policy.

Trailblazing trans boxer Patricio Manuel is getting ready to return to the ring

Manuel, whose famous gloves will be part of a new project on transgender history, is preparing to fight again.

Trans driver Charlie Martin has chance to win a season title at final race weekend

Despite a first-race podium, setbacks left Martin and Jason Gagne-Keats short of a class championship.

Transgender NFL cheerleader has more support, less blowback, and that’s positive

Justine Lindsay shakes her pom-poms and shows off her dance moves for Carolina Panthers fans.

Documentary on trans MMA fighter Alana McLaughlin in production

The trans MMA fighter eyes her next fight as she tells the story of her debut.

Trans basketball coach Layne Ingram discusses trans inclusion in sports on Dr. Phil

Dr Phil talks about trans inclusion in women’s sports on his episode this Friday.

Prominent athletes share video of support as trans student-athlete lawsuit has its day in federal court

Athletes show vocal support for transgender defendants in the continuing ADF-Connecticut schools case.

Trans trailblazer Kelly Jenkins overjoyed with Natalie Ryan’s success

The disc golf veteran and the PGDA’s first out transgender competitor is aglow with Ryan’s breakout success in 2022.