When David Pocock had a wedding ceremony in 2010, when he exchanged vows with his now-wife, Emma, he said he would not sign the paperwork to recognize the marriage legally until same-sex marriage was legal. It was an incredible display of solidarity from a star athlete.

This weekend David and Emma signed that paperwork in a small very private ceremony, finally bringing legal recognition to their marriage. The couple lives in Australia, and it was only in the last year that same-sex marriage gained equal, legal recognition in the country.

“Married my best mate yesterday,” Pocock wrote on Twitter, announcing the marriage with some super sweet photos.

At a time when the LGBTQ community, particularly in Australia, was searching far and wide for straight people who would stand by our side, Pocock was a powerful voice, particularly in sports. And he actually stuck to his word. Pocock plays rugby and represents Australia on the international stage.

Thanks to both of these people for standing by our side, and welcome to marriage!