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That time Adam Rippon sang, skated and slayed to Rihanna


We’ll be waiting for Adam Rippon’s first single to be released after the Olypmics.

Adam Rippon is becoming Superman overnight.

It’s not that he hasn’t done anything in the last couple of days that’s any different from how he’s been for the last couple of years. We’re just seeing it.

Case in point, his “Sing and Skate” performance at the 2017 Grand Prix Final, held in December in Japan.

Rippon took to the ice with a microphone and a leather jacket and, as he slowly glided across the ice, sang Rihanna’s hit song “Diamonds in the Sky.”

Not to be outdone by his voice, he then tossed the mic and the jacket and killed it in an entertaining two-minute routine with RiRi on the vocals.

So yes, he sings, he skates, he slays.

Oh, the Grand Prix. Rippon finished fifth overall.

But that Sing and Skate performance won the day.

Check out the memorable performance most of us are just now discovering by this fast-rising star.

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