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New Milwaukee Bucks arena to have gender-neutral restrooms on all levels

Decision a ‘no-brainer,’ team executive says.

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A gender-neutral restroom at a North Carolina restaurant.
Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

The new arena being built for the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks will have gender-neutral restrooms on all levels, the team’s senior vice president Alex Lasry said.

There will be 14 gender-neutral restrooms, including four on the first level, Lasry told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. The arena is being built with $225 million in public money.

“For us, this is a no-brainer,” Lasry said. “We’re excited to be leading on this. There are people who identify differently. Everyone deserves a chance to feel comfortable when they visit the arena and that includes when they use the bathroom.”

There was some online carping by people who are weirdly offended by the existence of such restrooms, to which Lasry replied: “It’s gender neutral. You don’t have to go into it if you don’t want to.”

There will also be 18 men’s and 22 women’s restrooms with hundreds of stalls and urinals in the new arena.