Tiffany Abreu, the transgender volleyball player in Brazil, is running for Congress in Brazil, and a bunch of people are not happy about it. Of course, a bunch of people are also thrilled about it too.

Abreu has caused a stir by running for the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, a center-right party that some in the LGBTQ community have labeled the enemy.

“I don’t give any importance to parties, but to people,” Abreu told Agence France Presse.

Abreu came out publicly as transgender last December while playing professional volleyball. She has said she wants to play for Brazil in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Some have said Abreu has an “unfair” advantage in volleyball because she was born in a body assigned male at birth. Except, if she was an elite-level male player, it makes complete sense that she would now, post-transition, she would excel as her gender in a women’s league. Abreu plays in Brazil’s women’s Superliga.

Abreu’s political fate will be decided at the polls on Oct. 7.

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