George Bradley won’t be seeing his favorite soccer team play a match in person anytime soon.

Bradley had followed his beloved Chelsea to Brighton a few weeks ago and decided to engage in the screaming of foul language, including gay slurs, according to the BBC. He was identified and removed from the match. Now he’s been banned from attending any soccer matches for three years and fined about $1,200.

“It underlines both their and our commitment to a zero tolerance policy on any form of abuse from those attending matches at the Amex,” a Brighton spokesperson told the Daily Mail.

English football has been taking seriously the chanting of gay slurs by fans of late. For years these chants have echoed through the stadia of the Premier League and across English soccer. Given how strong the LGBTQ community is in Brighton, that club in particular has taken the brunt of more than its fair share of these chants.

Chelsea had been the target of an anti-gay “rent boy” chant years ago.