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Melissa Etheridge to sing national anthem at Patriots-Chiefs AFC Championship Game

Out lesbian singer Melissa Etheridge is a huge Chiefs fan and will sing the national anthem at the AFC Championship Game.

2018 National Geographic Awards
Melissa Etheridge has been a lifelong Chiefs fan.
Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for National Geographic

Singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge came out as gay in 1993, which happened to be the last season until this one that the Kansas City Chefs won a playoff game.

Now, with her favorite team still alive, Etheridge will sign the national anthem at Sunday’s AFC Championship Game between the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.

Etheridge, 58, is a huge Chiefs fan and like most, long suffering, seeing only one Super Bowl title in her life, when she was only 8. This is the first AFC Championship Game ever hosted by the Chiefs and only their second overall (1993 at Buffalo being the other) since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger.

The day before this past Saturday’s Chiefs-Colts divisional round playoff game, Etheridge couldn’t contain her excitement, tweeting: “Sleeping tonight with visions of @Chiefs#WeBelieve#LetsRoll I truly believe this is our time. #Chiefs#ChiefsKingdom.”

Let’s hope Etheridge’s voice doesn’t crack in what are expected to be very cold conditions, with temperatures expected to drop into the single digits at game time.