Members of the U.S. Women’s National Team embody the best of us. They are great Americans, and rightfully depicted as such in Budweiser’s new Super Bowl ad.

The 60-second spot features several inspirational figures, touting their feats of strength and courage. The tagline encourages viewers to “look beyond labels,” and highlights the bravery that otherwise ordinary people display on an everyday basis. A firefighter is shown trying to put out forest blaze; a man is shown giving a disheveled stranger on the subway the literal shirt off his back.

In other words, we are not ordinary. We are extraordinary.

The entire USWNT is featured in the video, with footage showing its members celebrating their second straight World Cup win last summer. They were nothing short of dominant, outscoring their opponents 26-3 over seven tournament games. Megan Rapinoe was awarded the Golden Boot and Golden Ball.

But more importantly, the U.S. women were unabashed in their support of equality and justice. Rapinoe said the team would not visit the White House on those grounds, drawing the ire of the President.

But his words didn’t deter the USWNT. Rapinoe’s teammates, including Ali Krieger, rallied around her.

Krieger is shown in the spot alongside her partner, Ashlyn Harris. The couple tied the knot late last year.

Other familiar faces in the ad include Ken E. Nwadike Jr., the founder of the “Free Hugs Project,” and Hannah Gavios, the marathon runner who was partially paralyzed after falling off a cliff to avoid a sexual assault.

Budweiser has been a longtime sponsor of the USWNT. Last year, it became a sponsor of the NWSL, and encouraged other brands to follow suit.

Super Bowl LIV airs Sunday. Feb. 2. Kickoff is set for 6:30 p.m. EST.