This is our last week before the celebration of Christmas, and whether the holiday is meaningful to you personally, or not, we simply hope this week finds you safe and happy! This week, everybody gets GIFTS in their stockings, but if they were losers — you guessed it! — they’d get COAL. Lucky for them, they’re all on Santa’s “Nice List.”

GIFT: Hig Roberts, national ski champion, comes out as gay

Hig Roberts

Hig Roberts talks about the fear he had living in the closet.

GIFT: Gay skier Hig Roberts’ journey underscores the importance of sharing our stories

Hig Roberts totally accepted himself, then found the closet when his skiing career took off.

GIFT: Out wrestlers Jetta and Charlie Morgan announce engagement

Jetta and Charlie Morgan

British wrestling’s LGBTQ ‘It’ couple are tying the knot.

GIFT: These 2 athletes will play against each other at the Olympics. They just got engaged

Anissa Urtez and Amanda Chidester

Anissa Urtez and Amanda Chidester are in love, at the top of their games, and they both want a gold medal.

GIFT: This gay football player wants LGBTQ athletes to know how supported they are

Etienne Aduya, who played football at Williams College, is working with his alma mater to ensure LGBTQ athletes feel less alone.

GIFT: Gay former English soccer captain says ‘acceptance’ is wrong word to use with LGBTQ people

Casey Stoney, who came out as gay in 2014, says she wants to be more than “accepted.”

GIFT: Rugby star’s teammates support him after gay porn video surfaces

Kurt Capewell says he was duped into appearing in a gay porn video eight years ago.

GIFT: Wales and NWSL standout Jess Fishlock joins Stonewall Sport Champions team

The UK-based organization brings an icon of Welsh sport on board to end their annual Rainbow Laces campaign.

GIFT: Out wrestler Nyla Rose is breaking boundaries as part of the All Elite Wrestling family

Director X and Nyla Rose

The history-making former AEW Women’s World champion wants her time in AEW to inspire self-determination and normalize trans identities.

GIFT: Cleveland baseball’s name change ushers in a new and more welcoming era

Dropping the Indians nickname is a good sign for inclusion of all marginalized groups — including the LGBTQ community.

GIFT: Minor league realignment won’t affect Pride events, officials say

The sweeping changes to MiLB affect teams with successful inclusion efforts.

GIFT: Thanks for joining us for a special QuaranTeam Zoom chat

This is just the first page showing all who participated!

Santa Claus asked our readers to join us for an Outsports Zoom chat and so many did! Not pictured: Karleigh Chardonnay Webb and Coach Anthony Nicodemo and Roscoe, seen below!

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