It’s time once again for Outsports to stop the clock for an instant reply of the week that was. It’s my way of memorializing the glorious victories, the ignominious defeats, and the players and personalities who made them, lived them or just couldn’t avoid them.

This week, three entries are listed as split decisions. Whether they’re winners or losers depends on your perspective. Tell us how you feel in the comments!

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Winners: Baseball Fans

As our partner Eric Stephen at SB Nation wrote, “Thank God baseball is back to distract us from baseball. Spring training games are finally here. Baseball is at a crisis point, with faith in the integrity of the sport very much in question.But for now, we can set that aside, with actual baseball to watch.”

In addition to being able to enjoy spring training, Outsports podcast listeners had three episodes to enjoy America’s pastime: The Sports Kiki with Alex Reimer, Same Team with Daniel Trainor, 3 Strikes You’re Out with Ken Schultz, and The Trans Sporter Room with yours truly, Karleigh Webb and special guest’s Christina Kahrl.

Winner or Loser? Cisgender athlete behind anti-trans lawsuit defeats top trans rivals

Canton High School senior Chelsea Mitchell speaks during a press conference with Alanna Smith, Danbury High School sophomore, to her left and Selina Soule, Glastonbury High School senior, to her right at the Connecticut State Capitol Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020, in downtown Hartford, Conn.

A teenage plaintiff who claims it’s unfair that trans athletes are allowed to compete as girls earns a championship win and new questions.

Hopeful: Scottish Football Association launches campaign to combat rampant homophobia across game

The SFA is unveiling a new public campaign warning fans it is illegal to spout anti-LGBTQ rhetoric at stadiums.

Winners or Losers? Does this Dodgers players’ ‘Prom Pose’ make you laugh or cringe?

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Prom pose? It must be Photo Day. 😂

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Joe Kelly and Justin Turner of the L.A. Dodgers had some fun posing as a same-sex couple for photographers. Our question is: Did you laugh? Or something else? Tell us in the comments!

Winners or Losers? BYU removes ‘homosexual behavior’ clause from Honor Code

Brigham Young appears to be easing restrictions on its LGBTQ students and athletes, setting off celebrations across campus. But the university isn’t clear on what the change means. We hope this is a win, but await a clarification from the administration.

Hopeful: Out bisexual runner at BYU expresses ‘disappointment and confusion’ over Honor Code change

In an email to Outsports, bi athlete Emma Gee says, “the removal of the ‘homosexual behavior’ provision has not made it easier to be out at BYU.”

Winner: Layshia Clarendon signs with New York Liberty as free agent

The first game for gender non-conforming guard Layshia Clarendon in a New York Liberty uniform will be facing her old team on their home court.

Hopeful: Out Eagles cheerleader Kyle Tanguay is living his ‘American Idol’ dream

The first male Eagles cheerleader in 40 years is making his long-awaited “American Idol” debut Sunday.

Winner: Think CrossFit is hard? This out gay athlete is also a new dad

Nuno Costa has overcome many challenges, and now faces the biggest one of all: raising his daughter, Maria.

Hopeful: Trailblazing trans hockey player Harrison Browne is now full-time actor: ‘Sharing things about my transition is way to give back’

Browne, who will star as a transgender man in an LGBTQ-themed play later this month, says the power of storytelling can make trans kids feel less alone.

Winner: Robert Dover was the first out gay Olympic athlete, in 1988

Robert Dover joins ‘Five Rings To Rule Them All’ with stories about meeting his husband and being out at the Olympics.

Hopeful: Cricketer Megan Schutt on combating homophobia in Australia

The world’s number 1 bowler, Megan Schutt, sheds light on her fight as an out lesbian cricket player in Australia’s sports community.

Winners: 76ers celebrate the LGBTQ community at Pride Night

The 76ers welcomed Jason Collins, Brian Sims, and the whole LGBTQ community to Pride Night.

Winner: Celtics honor first openly gay strongman Rob Kearney during Pride Night

The Celtics recognized hometown LGBTQ sports trailblazer Rob Kearney as one of their “Heroes Among Us” during their second annual Pride Night earlier this month.

Winners: Boston Pride celebrate Pride Night in the NWHL with a win

For the Boston Pride, celebrating LGBTQ community ‘is not about just one game.’

Winner: Gay college tennis player goes from in the closet to organizing Pride Night

Caroline Mattise found her voice at Monmouth University after years of feeling she had to hide who she was.

Winners: The champ and our Karleigh Webb

How CeCé Telfer made an impact at the intersections of Black and transgender history.

Hopefuls: LGBTQ, other marginalized voices ready to take Wrestlemania week

Uncanny Attractions, EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch and AJ Gray’s For The Culture lead a swathe of pro wrestling events ready to highlight underserved audiences in Tampa, FL this April.

Winner: Nyla Rose and wrestling allies tackle transphobia after historic AEW championship victory

Nyla Rose made history recently by winning the AEW Women’s World title, becoming the first trans woman to hold a major American promotion’s women’s championship.

Winner: Olympic swimmer performed at his peak after coming out as gay

“After letting my walls down and coming out to the team, I felt like I could finally be me,” Canada’s Markus Thormeyer says.

At long last, a Winner: Britain’s first out gay pro soccer player inducted into Hall of Fame

Despite a complex legacy, Justin Fashanu was honored for his role as the first male pro soccer player to come out while still active.

Hopeful: How International Day Against Homophobia in Sports was observed on Twitter

The International Day Against Homophobia in Sports is held every year on Feb. 19, which happens to be Justin Fashanu’s birthday.

Winner: This soccer player came out last June and barely anyone noticed

Nicolas Fernandez came out and was warmly accepted by his team in Argentina. The fans have been cool, too.

Winner: Out sports reporter makes her mark at University of Missouri radio station

Lauren Rosenberg is the first out LGBTQ sports reporter at the University of Missouri’s campus radio station, KCOU, and also a pioneer for women.

Winners: Chicago Fire FC hire Nicholas Cottrell as an account executive

Congrats to out sports exec Nicholas Cottrell — formerly of the Chicago Wolves and the Milwaukee Bucks — for beginning a new job with the Chicago Fire FC!

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