Outsports has a rich history of sharing the stories of athletes and coaches and other members of the sports community coming out and staking their place in the LGBTQ community.

For more than two decades, the co-founders of this site, Jim Buzinski and Cyd Zeigler have told their stories, their triumphs and heartbreaks. And in every case, the narrative has been that these amazing individuals have found acceptance, support and a new spirit that propels them forward. It’s something we call Courage Is Contagious.

Last year, Jim launched Being Out, which provides those who’ve come out an opportunity to share their life experiences since first telling their stories in Outsports. And there are more Being Out stories coming your way!

But as our staff has grown since 2019, we sought a new vehicle for our team of young and curious sportswriters to experience that legacy built by Cyd and Jim. This is that vehicle.

Every contributor has been diving deep into our Coming Out stories archive to find the folks who came out and then went on to something new. We’re calling it Out in the World, and we hope you enjoy reading these updates of our courageous, contagiously brave athletes, coaches and the people on the sidelines or behind the scenes who make sports happen.