Here’s this week’s at the winners and losers of the week in LGBTQ sports for your Super Bowl weekend enjoyment. Winners are “Touchdowns” and losers are “Fumbles.”

Touchdown! Tales from a gay football fan

Alex Reimer

Alex Reimer shares the complicated relationship between his sports fandom and sexuality.

Fumble! Rand Paul and Mitt Romney embarrass themselves lashing out at trans athletes

During a confirmation hearing, Sens. Paul and Romney willingly descend into the mire of misgendering and transphobic soundbites.

Touchdown from 2015! The three gayest logos in NFL history

Bucco Bruce

Pat Patriot can’t top the winking Bucco Bruce.

Touchdown from 2013! How gay is your favorite NFL franchise?

We rank all 32 NFL teams based on how “gay” they are. Not surprisingly, the Packers are tops. We hope.

Fumble! New initiative seeks to straddle both sides of the trans athletes issue

In response to President Biden’s executive order, this organization of former athletes pleads with The White House to adopt a ‘science-based’ approach to trans inclusion in sports.

Touchdown! When this 5-time national champ came out to his teammates, the gay jokes stopped

Luke Strong came out to coaches and teammates as a teen. He still has Olympic aspirations as an out athlete.

Fumble! Why Marcellus Wiley is wrong about trans athletes

President Biden’s LGBTQ executive order said a lot, but some focused on what they thought it said, but didn’t, including a TV sports host.

Touchdown! Harley-riding, nail-painting pansexual lacrosse referee finally finds his niche

Kyle Kennery makes a call during a National Lacrosse League game.

Lacrosse referee Kyle Kennery battled addiction and self-doubt in his unconventional journey of acceptance.

Touchdown! Out In The Ring’s We Speak Out virtual event celebrates LGBTQ pro wrestling this weekend

The Feb. 6-7 event will benefit Out In The Ring’s production and The Matthew Shepard Foundation.

Touchdown! Former WWE wrestler Gabbi Tuft comes out as transgender

Gabbi Tuft

Known to WWE fans as Tyler Reks, Tuft revealed her true identity: ‘a beautiful, wise, witty and wonderful woman.’

Touchdown! Volleyball coach Jen Fry is bringing equality to the playing field

Jen Fry

Fry’s experience as a volleyball player and coach fuel her drive for inclusion.

Touchdown! LGBTQ pro wrestlers tell their stories at EFFY’s Big Gay Block

‘We’ve only just begun.’

Touchdown! Elite out female athletes explain why women’s sports are so inclusive

Natasha Cloud and Anya Packer say there’s widespread support throughout their leagues.

Touchdown! Today is a day for trans girls and women in sports, too

As the country observes National Girls and Women in Sports Day, we at Outsports want to make it clear: today is for everyone who identifies as female.

Touchdown! Lesbian college tennis coach finds her voice coming out during pandemic

Maria Lopez has been at Boise State since 2018.

Maria Lopez found strength to share her sexual identity spurred by the demands for racial justice and equality.

Touchdown! This 10-year-old trans girl in Arizona just wants to play soccer and make friends

While some in Arizona are trying to force her out of girls sports, Zoe’s parents are a model of love and support.

Touchdown! Kurtis Gabriel challenges NHL to improve inclusion efforts

The longtime ally says the league needs to reach out to LGBTQ people and “get uncomfortable.”

Touchdown! How this gay soccer player came out on TikTok

As a closeted athlete, Josh Leafer didn’t think there were other people like him. Then he started his own TikTok account.

Touchdown! We’re celebrating Black lesbian gay bisexual trans sports history this month

Clockwise from upper left: O’Shay Edwards, Tylar Bennett, Glenn Burke, Bri Tollie

Every day in February, Outsports is marking Black History Month by highlighting the contributions of Black, out LGBTQ sports athletes.

Touchdown! NCAA takes a stand for inclusion as states target trans student-athletes: Is it enough?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association tells Outsports it is monitoring efforts by Montana and other states aimed at restricting transgender student-athletes.

Touchdown! WWE’s Tegan Nox shares how Captain Marvel empowered her to come out as bisexual with actress Brie Larson

Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson, left, trained with Tegan Knox of the WWE on YouTube

Nox and Larson share an emotional moment on Nox’s journey to come back faster, stronger and shinier.

Touchdown! 30% of gay men and 40% of lesbians are passionate sports fans, survey says

Survey finds gay and straight men diverge in fan passion, while lesbians and straight women are in line with each other.

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