Peyton and Eli Manning are back with their Monday Night Football “Manningcast” and the lads are already in fine form as they enthused over the tight, pumped body of Clete Blakeman, the head referee for the Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks game.

Late in the first quarter, a measurement was needed to see whether Seattle had a first down. In calling for the chains to be brought in to measure, Blakeman — who is buff and clearly works out — used both hands to tap his chest near the nipples, which is when the Manning’s had an exchange that would not be out of place on Grindr.

Peyton: “Look at our ref. Look at Clete here. In the boy’s medium shirt. He just pointed to it. ‘Look at how tight my shirt is.’”

Eli: “What is that move?” (mimics pointing with to hands to his chest)

Peyton: “‘Look at me and look at my pecs. I’ve been doing close-grips dips and pushups with Ed Hochuli all off-season.’”

Eli: “Look at his sleeves. His sleeves are shorter are like shorter than the other refs’ sleeves. Everybody else’s sleeves like go to the elbow, his mid-bicep.”

Peyton: “Clete’s actually doing the measurement. Anything to show off those pipes.”

The fun continued late in the first half when Seattle receiver DK Metcalf (Body by God) knocked over a Denver defender.

Eli: “Who do you think worked their arms more in the weight room this week — DK or Clete?”

Peyton: “Clete, the referee, clearly. And the referees get in there early. Clete went into the Seattle weight room and found out what DK was doing on curls and did some of those reps himself. His sleeves are tighter than the chest area. It’s like boys’ medium in the chest, small in the arms.”

For years, we called Ed Hochuli, a now-retired NFL ref “Guns” for his big biceps. At for a long time we ran a regular list of homoerotic comments from CBS announcer Phil Simms. It was fun to hear Peyton and Eli joke about something that a ton of fans were wondering about, which is how is a ref better built than some players?