Soren Dahl is an Olympic swimmer. He competed for Denmark in the 4×200-meter freestyle relay at the 2016 Summer Olympics. The team finished 12th and set a national record.

He’s also a two-time NCAA champion swimmer, having competed for NC State, winning titles in the 4×100 free and 4×200 free relays.

Oh, Dahl is also gay.

That last fact is something the Olympian has been sharing in occasional social-media posts for about the last year, since the Tokyo Olympics.

Most of the posts have been fun Tiktok videos he’s shared, drinking iced coffee, dancing in clubs and marching in a Pride parade.

He’s also celebrated coming out and being out as an athlete. In one video, he trolls a former coach who apparently told the Olympian and national champion he’d never become a good swimmer because he’s gay. He even selected some pretty spicy lyrics for the video.


Today he seems to live in New York City, where most of his Instagram posts are tagged.

We noticed Dahl today after he posted a photo of himself and Carl Nassib on Instagram. Nassib left some red hearts on the photo, prompting some to guess the two are dating. Nassib has appeared in other posts by Dahl over the last few months.

Regardless, it’s great to see another world-class athlete being out and loving life. Welcome to the team, Soren!

You can follow Soren Dahl on Instagram and on TikTok.

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