The new year just started when pro wrestlers Max The Impaler and Heidi Howitzer made pro wrestling history in the Japanese women’s wrestling promotion, Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling.

The duo, known collectively as Wasteland War Party, defeated the team of Saki Akai and Yuki Arai for the TJPW Princess Tag Team titles, becoming the first out LGBTQ champions in the promotion’s history.

The win additionaly makes Max The Impaler the first out non-binary and transmasc wrestler to hold a championship in the history of Japanese pro wrestling.

They are also the first foreign tag team to hold the TJPW Princess Tag Team championship belts.

Their victory came on TJPW’s first event of 2023, with the two utilizing their brawling style and superior strength to topple the more finesse-focused Akai and Arai, ending the two’s 179-day reign as champions. Wasteland War Party marked the title belts as their property by licking them following the contest.

Max The Impaler previously debuted with TJPW last year, becoming the first out transmasc wrestler to ever step into a Japanese wrestling ring. Wednesday’s match marked Howitzer’s first match in TJPW.

But they weren’t the only out wrestlers competing for championship gold at the event. Current Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora World champion Trish Adora challenged Miu Watanabe for the TJPW International Princess title in her debut with the company.

All three even teamed up at TJPW’s January 10 event in a match that saw Max The Impaler leave the ring with storyline rival/trophy Pom Harajuku over their shoulder.