The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have seen a “nonstop” increase in donations since Bill Donohue, the Catholic League and Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) attacked the Los Angeles Dodgers for inviting the philanthropic drag-nun group to the team’s Pride Night.

Sister Bearonce told Outsports that the Los Angeles chapter of the Sisters has raised “tens of thousands” of dollars in donations over the last week.

“And the donations will continue coming in,” Bearonce said, pointing to email blasts going out this week from various organizations, encouraging people to donate to the group’s efforts working with underserved communities.

Without Donohue’s campaign against the Dodgers and the Sisters, they would not have raised this kind of money.

Donohue is the president of the Catholic League and an avowed anti-LGBTQ advocate. Bearonce added that all of the Sisters are keeping Donohue in their thoughts.

“I definitely want to let Bill Donohue know that the Sisters are praying for his sins,” Bearonce said.

A lifelong Angeleno and Dodgers fan, Bearonce is thrilled with the Dodgers’ reversal of course by reinviting the Sisters to be honored at Pride Night. Bearonce pointed to the unique nature of a major organization with a huge public profile doing a complete reversal and embracing the LGBTQ community.

“For them to say they screwed up, and enduring the wrath, is incredible. And I think they’ve experienced the opposite. People are proud the Dodgers have taken full responsibility. Rarely do we see that when we see an organization screw up. We’re happy to continue working with them and continue a partnership with them.”

The Sisters will be at Dodgers Pride Night on June 16 when the team hosts the San Francisco Giants.

You can donate to the Los Angeles chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence by clicking here. Donations to the Sisters are tax deductible.

You can buy tickets to the Dodgers Pride Night here.